A valid argument for limited success

You don’t need to close hundreds of loans to make good (maybe even great) money.

You can be a micro guy (or gal) in a macro market.


Let me explain:

See, the National Association of Realtors reports that the average Agent does 12 transactions a year.

Half are buyers, half are sellers. (‘Cuz that’s the way the world works)

That means 6 opportunities for the buyer (and a loan for you – for each realtor).

Of those 6 opportunities for the buyer, one of them is a cash buyer…one of them has a family member or close friend who lends…one of them is a shopper and shops non-stop.

That leaves you with the other three.

With the average transaction worth $3k-4k in commission for you (per closed loan) …

therefore…you can figure each realtor (as a referral partner) is worth $9-12k to your bottom line over a years’ time.

Let’s say it’s $10,000 a year per agent relationship for easy math.

I’m not about to tell you how much money you want to make but…

But…let’s say it’s $100,000 a year.

If each realtor is worth $10k…you only need 10 realtors to hit your goal of a $100k year.

And if you want to earn $200k you need 20 agents, $300k you’ll need 30 agents…

You see the pattern…

The trick is to find the realtors. To make the connections, build the relationships…

a few are easy… but 10, 20 or 30 up there where the real money is…

That’s a little trickier – you’re gonna need a system to scale to that number

That’s exactly what we figured out…

How to quickly find, connect and build relations with these kinds of numbers of agents – who will actually send you business

You can too, with a simple method that takes very little time.

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