We’ Are A Group Of Ordinary People, Doing Extraordinary Things, On Purpose.

Implement, execute and succeed better than ever before.

If you’re ready to improve one or more areas of your life – if you’ve got a great idea to put into action or if you just want to go for your goals – you’ve come to the right place!  IMPLEMENTOR is a system that allows hope and optimism to meet implementation, execution, and success. Use IMPLEMENTOR to capture your best ideas, goals, and dreams. Let it help you craft an action plan and enjoy the process as Coach MAC, the Mobile Automated Coach, keeps you thinking about, acting on and believing – until progress, achievement, and success become yours.



The world is full of great ideas, powerful tools and life changing information. It’s all useless until it gets engaged, acted upon, and implemented. We’re not the idea – we’re the system that guarantees you put the idea into action and get the benefit. That’s what ImpleMentor will do for you – guaranteed.

Who is it for?

Everyone wants to improve and get more out of life, but the only ones who actually do are the ones who decide to, who actually stop talking about, stop waiting for the perfect moment, who stop procrastinating and start actually implementing. If this sounds like you then you’ve found the right place, so let’s get going!

Our Mission

Share our proven system with those that are ready to help themselves. People who may have read, watched or consumed inspiring and motivating ideas, concepts and teachings. People who’ve decided it’s time to act, time to bringing the benefits of those ideas to bear. Our missions is to help as many people as we possibly can before we leave this earth. Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things On Purpose.

Meet Our Ordinary Team Doing Extraordinary Things On Purpose

Les M. Jenkins


aka Lester Jenkins, he’s the driving force behind ImpleMentor, and OpDeTop, Inc.  In motion is probably the best description of Les – he’s constantly innovating, pontificating and motivating all of us to strive to be what we want to be and encouraging us to develop our best selves.

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Optimist extraordinaire and believer in human potential and the possibility of improvement.  No matter how big or small, he’d love to hear your story and he gets awfully excited, throwing his arms up to celebrate people’s victories on a regular basis.  Truly he’s an Ordinary Person Doing Extraordinary Things On Purpose. (OpDeTop, Inc.) It wouldn’t exist without him.

Trish the Dish


The best way to have a successful and effective organization is to have a brilliant, creative and grounded co-founder.  Keeping the universe connected to the enterprise and the enterprise connected to the universe is what she does best!

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She’s spent 25 plus years raising a husband and two amazing children while being the biggest supporter for many an entrepreneurial enterprise.   She maximizes her incredible connection to the energy around her and brings a calming and understanding presence.  She’s the person that everyone likes because she’s so accepting of whatever you are and wherever you’re at in the journey of life.


Chief Systems Engineer

As the “keeper of the code” for our operation – he’s got his hands full.  But nothing compared to what the Navy had him doing for several years while keeping the rest of us here at home safe.

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Now days it’s our inspiring enterprise, his two boys and the amazing woman he’s married to that keep him going.  He spends his early mornings and late nights looking for that cool new tech that’ll make our system even easier to use and more effective. There’s no better sailor to navigate us through the opportunity filled waters and keep our web engine running full steam ahead!


Director of Support & On-boarding

aka “The Beard,” he looks part lumber jack, part playoff ball player – but he’s all in when it comes to personal development, optimism and truly living the company principals, values and vision.  He’s helping give millennials everywhere, a good name.  No need to stereotype this next generation of incredible contributors to our ever-evolving American culture.

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Within 2 years of graduating college and landing the “Corporate Job” he resigned and has dedicated himself to the Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things On Purpose cause.  Just wait until you meet this guy – who needs Red Bull when you’ve got this kind of 10X natural energy!

Hear How Our System
Worked for these Happy Customers

I love this system so much, I use it to start my day every day. I manage a group of offices across multiple western states and it is an excellent and affordable solution.
Tim M.Area Sales Manager
Implementation and accountability, I can’t say enough great things! It’s incredibly simple and allows me to focus on my Top Most Important business and personal goals!
Carrie G.Area Manager
The system helped my team and I craft solid business plans for this year and visualize our top goals in a powerful way. I love this program!
Tom T.Multi Office Manager