"Help enough other people get what they want… and you’ll be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams." - Zig Ziglar

"You Can Have Everything in Life You Want if You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.” - Zig Ziglar

IMPLEMENTOR10X™ was created to make it easier and more affordable, than ever before, to give people a way to not just set goals, but to implement, execute and achieve their Goals & Dreams

We went on a mission to build a cloud based solution that would use both people and AI technology to deliver a world-class goal setting experience. And, more importantly, provide ongoing support, coaching and accountability – each week, every month, all year long. Leveraging an unmatched combination of human engagement and technological advances IMPLEMENTOR10X is able to make all of this happen at a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional coaching programs.  

We set out to build a system that if followed, would all but guarantee your success.

Now, in 2023, a decade after launching, it is a proven reality. The system has a track record of phenomenal results. Please, give it a try. Let IMPLEMENTOR10X help you release the untapped potential that you know is inside of you. Be brave and dare to create more of the life you’ve been dreaming of. Then, please, pass it on and share it with as many people as you can and you too will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

Meet The Team

Les M. Jenkins

Founder & Creator

A serial entrepreneur spanning three decades and a half dozen successful enterprises, including a long run in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry as well as massive success in the Quick Service Restaurant business. Les brings IMPLEMENTOR to market as a passion project to share the keys that helped him succeed. Now, making them accessible for any one willing to do the work. Others passed these to me and now we are paying it forward to anyone looking to succeed! 

Chad Hartsfield

SVP Marketing & consulting

A lifelong personal development lover, Chad is realizing a dream to be the SVP of Marketing & Consulting, leading IMPLEMENTOR10X into the future. He is a Multi-decade Business Pro with a knack for entrepreneurialism. Having been in and around the Mortgage and Real Estate Industries for decades, Chad’s real world experience and knowledge make him an invaluable resource to all of our users, large and small. 

Mitchell Morris

Senior Developer

Mitchell has been the lead developer with the program since its inception and continues to support the evolution of IMPLEMENTOR10X. The high-tech and friendly user interface make the system easy to use  –  no instructions required. We’re always striving for more and better user experiences and outcomes. We never rest when it comes to new features and innovative functionality.  Implementation, execution and achievement have never been more predictable.