Break the chain – start a business model with something new

Ever see one of those circus elephants?

They’re majestic animals.

Smart too.

They perform for kids and adults displaying all sorts of tricks with their trunks and heavy stature.

After the show though…you see Mr. Elephant chained to a stump.

You think: “He could pull out that stump and run off.”

He’s several tons larger. It’d be an easy maneuver.


He remains there. As if the stump owns him.

Why? Well, when the elephant was a baby…he probably couldn’t pull out that stump.

Over time it conditioned him to think that he would NEVER be able to pull out the stump.

Now, when he’s stronger than ever…Mr. Elephant still remains chained.

It’s kind of how loan officers are in their business.

All this time we’ve been trained too.

Think about it… every LO has all the same stuff

We’re PUSHING tired old stuff to try to create partners

Co-branded apps, websites, flyers, postcards

And our Coaches tell us to grind away cold calling, go to networking events and drop by open houses – all to land the coveted “coffee date”.

Right… coffee dates…are you kidding me!

Those tired, old, bad practices are the elephant’s chain.

Face it – this year has been a bitch! (sorry if that phrase offends you – I actually wanted to say something stronger)

And you have a choice to make… you can do what you’ve always done…

And you probably won’t even get what you’ve always gotten…

Or, break the chain…and start a model of business that’s something new…

Something that can truly leverage your experience, knowledge, and love of helping people get what they want…

Truly create a large stable of trusted referral partners – right in your backyard, who want to send you all their referrals…

With our instant “referral multiplier” it’s not only possible…but it’s the norm.

Check it out this short video