Create human relationships

Are Zillow, Trulia and other Lead Aggregators evil?

They’ve cut us at the knees…

It seems every time you hop on a call with a purchased lead…the guy or gal on other end is not happy you called.

And why would they be?

Most civilians don’t want to be hounded by loan officers.

They just want a loan at a fair rate, as quickly and easily as possible.

Let me tell you something that may not have hit home yet:

The big lead aggregators are slowly ruining our industry.

Here’s how it goes:

The lead comes in. You’re the first person to see it. You call. They answer. You get a good feeling that they’ll stick with you.

The next day you receive a text:

“[So and so] from the [rival] mortgage company down the road is cutting his fee in half. Can you do better?”

This was AFTER they already agreed to work with you.

It happens all the time. Because they sell the same lead to a whole bunch of us!

FACE IT – You’re a micro-loan officer in a world filled with macro-giants. If you play the macro game of buying leads…do you have deep enough pockets to keep up?

If you’re playing the big macro-game that Zillow, Trulia, and the other Lead Sellers want…you’re already up a creek. …

Throw in the hyper-competitive world full of Loan Officers who’ll cut their fees any chance they get…

…well, now you’re without a paddle.

Instead, try the micro approach:

Create HUMAN relationships, one by one.

That way…no matter what kind of shenanigans the macro guys pull…you’ll be Scott free.

Here’s how to implement the “micro plan”. See the video at