Goodbye Coffee Appointments

“Damnit…he’s 10 minutes late…”

You’re at Starbucks, coffee in hand.

You arrived 10 minutes early to make a good impression. You know that picking up even one new referral partner means a lot to your business.

You prepared. You Googled the realtor, checked out his website, linkedIn and facebook pages.

You asked around and checked with the Title Reps to see if he was solid. “He is” they assured you.

You scan the room hard and watch the door every time it opens…and no sign of him.

Quarter after and you get the text – not even a call:

It reads: “Sorry got caught up with a client, need to reschedule”

For those grinding out the coffee appointment approach to meeting new potential partners, this is an all too common occurrence.

But I can’t say the realtors are the one to blame.

Let me explain: and oh – there is a much better way… read to the end…

If you think a six-dollar coffee is enough to “win over” a potential referral partner, then someone lied to you.

Think about it.

If you were in his shoes would this work on you? Would you pledge your allegiance and trust your business to a stranger for that $6 cup of coffee?

Didn’t think so.

That’s why our users love our “referral partner multiplier” system. Goodbye coffee appointments and the rotten feelings of the no-show!

Hello realtors coming to you in bunches – yes, a bunch of agents all at one time. That way the no-shows don’t even matter…

Because, the ones who do show up are clearly the interested ones, the ones you want…

You don’t want the flakes who said they would, but didn’t.

It’s a really great feeling when you have something so valuable that agents show up in bunches to get what you’ve got…

You’re probably thinking this sounds too good to be true?

I get it, it aint easy to come up with something so good, so valuable, that agents actually want it and show up in bunches to be part of…

but – this is it…

That’s how powerful this thing is.

And you can implement it in less than one morning or one afternoon.

Come check it out, click here:

(It could change everything for you in 2019)