How average L.O.’s can double their volume

“I want to be more than just another L.O.”

Those are the famous words said by Michael Mann, one of our power users.

I’m terribly proud of Michael.

Back when life wasn’t as smooth, Michael made appointment after appointment. Coffee date, after coffee date.

Each time he went, the realtors would disappoint.

Plus, he didn’t have a way to differentiate himself. Everyone does networking. So what.

As a genuine person who cares about his clients, Michael was frustrated.
He knew he could provide something better for realtors, but he just didn’t know what or how.

That’s when we met at a conference.

As soon as he learned that you could build instant rapport by providing realtors what they actually want…
…he didn’t blink.

Since then, he’s enjoyed his success.

He’s more than doubled his referral base. Which has lead to a 100% increase in business.

Michael just followed a simple plan that he could implement in less than a week.
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