a proven system that ensures the implementation of your top most important ideas!

It doesn’t matter how many tools or big ideas you have…
What matters is what you can implement and execute.

Follow our process
and you’re sure to
implement, execute, and succeed better than ever before.

If you’re serious about improving one or more areas of your life – if you want to implement a great idea, or just want to live a more engaging and rewarding life – then this system is a must!

Upon login, you’re guided by streaming video and interactive pages that help you capture your biggest and best ideas.  You get to experience both business and personal goal setting workshops (no airports, hotels or rental cars required). Our fully guided system takes you quickly through the entire process – including helping you build an instantly actionable plan.  Then Coach MAC, our Mobile Automated Coach, ensures success by keeping you connected all year long.  Look below for more details – and get started today!

A Proven System.  Guaranteed Results.

When you do the work, it works, or your money back.

Getting Started

It starts with a quick, three-step process.  In your very own cloud-based account, streaming video workshop guides you through an interactive experience.  It’s fast-paced, fun and easy. Before you know it; you’ll have captured your best ideas, designed an actionable plan and set your automated coach in motion.


It starts with a streaming interactive brainstorming workshop, a fully guided experience. You’ll be dreaming big and capturing your best ideas, most important objectives and setting life-changing goals.


Our guided optimization process makes it quick and easy to develop an actionable plan. Create instant momentum. Goals are great, but it takes action if you’re going to achieve.


Choose your settings and Coach Mac, our mobile automated coach, does the rest, consistently putting your Success Movie, big ideas, goals and action plans in front of you.  No Procrastinating allowed!

Implementation & Execution

Once you’ve finished the onboarding process it’s time to make sure you keep that plan in plain sight, get engaged taking action, and from time to time evaluate your progress, re-balance and refocus.  It’s a proven system with guaranteed results.  Follow our process and you’ll implement, execute and succeed better than ever before.

View and Re-View

We become like what we think about most of the time. You get a personalized Success Movie to keep your mind focused on what you want. Think dream board on steroids and it plays to your favorite fire-me-up song.

Buddies & Mentors

Studies have proven that if you go it alone you’ll probably fail. So we can’t let you do that. We’ll get you engaged with an accountability buddy. Do this regularly and you’re almost guaranteed to achieve.

All Year Support

The IMPLEMENTOR system stays with you all year. If you do the work, you’ll get results. Watch your movie every week, meet your buddy every month and achievement will be yours – we guarantee it or your money back!

What are you waiting for?

Hear How Our System
Worked for these Happy Customers

I love this system so much, I use it to start my day every day. I manage a group of offices across multiple western states and it is an excellent and affordable solution.
Tim M.Area Sales Manager
Implementation and accountability, I can’t say enough great things! It’s incredibly simple and allows me to focus on my Top Most Important business and personal goals!
Carrie G.Area Manager
The system helped my team and I craft solid business plans for this year and visualize our top goals in a powerful way. I love this program!
Tom T.Multi Office Manager

Step 1
Capture & Narrow

Process: Getting Started

Step 1.  Capture & Narrow – Process: Getting Started

The user will experience fully guided, streaming video, interactive workshops.  This occurs in the user’s individual, cloud-based account. This fast-paced and fun process consists of both Personal and Professional Workshops. These brainstorming sessions allow the user freedom to be creative, focused and inward-looking as they identify, capture and create lists of their best ideas, objectives, and goals.

Proven Results – Output 

Upon completion, the user will have a narrowed and focused list of their Top Most Important objectives. Users find themselves feeling a sense of excitement and optimism.  Passion and enthusiasm have been stirred up and released during the brainstorming workshop.   Independent top lists are created for Professional and Personal Objectives (not more than 5 in each category.

In addition, the user has had the opportunity to define the reasons and motives behind each of their top objectives.  This is a key component of our system.  It is critically important for the user to get clear about what’s in it for them.  Having a fully defined and document Why for each objective will go a long way towards creating the needed belief and commitment it takes to get into action and persist.

The capture and narrow process also serves as a freeing exercise – allowing the other goals or ideas (the ones not selected as the top most important) to be intentionally absent from the final, working, Top Most Important list. This allows the user to not become overwhelmed; feeling that everything is a priority. It is very important to accept that not every idea or objective is deserving of their time and attention.  This letting go frees up energy, emotions and time; all critical resources integral to implementation efforts for those top, most important objectives.

Step 2
Actionable Plan

Process: Getting Started

Step 2. Actionable Plan – Process: Getting Started

This is the final fully guided interactive workshop.  The activities in this step are focused solely on the list of Top Most Important objectives.  It takes place in the users Life Library section of their individual account. The Life Library is where the user’s information is stored and organized. The fully guided process facilitates the building of a plan consisting of the key components necessary for successful implementation.

Proven Results – Output

Upon completion, the user will have a very clear and specific plan for each of their top objectives.  These plans, most importantly, are immediately actionable.  Goals, ideas, and intentions are great, but without action, they are nothing more than wishes or dreams.

These detailed plans are stored in the in the users Life Library.  Everything from target dates for achievement, to the first few actions that can be undertaken immediately, to the selection of Accountability Buddies and/or Mentors are decided upon and recorded.

Even a vivid collection imagery is chosen and associated with each objective; think digital dream-board. This allows the user to create an actual visible picture of action, implementation, and success that resonates personally with their motivations behind each objective.

In addition to the above described components of the plan, individual Movies are produced for both the Personal and Professional Top Objectives.  This self-promotional commercial is a multi-media production that brings the plan to life and is an integral part of elevating the importance and awareness in the users conscious and subconscious mind.

Step 3
Coaching Settings

Process: Getting Started

Step 3. Coaching Settings – Process: Getting Started

In this step, the user selects their preferred coaching and engagement settings. We give the user total control over settings such as the types of communication methods, times of day, and frequency of engagement.  In addition, the user will choose the songs that are imbedded into their Personal and Professional Movies; think fire-me-up motivating movie soundtrack.  This step concludes the onboarding and set-up process, and now it’s time to do the work.

Proven Results – Output

Once the settings have been selected, the system will begin engaging the user and driving successful implementation habits based on individual preferences.

We think of the way our system engages each user as Automated Coaching and our automated coaches job is to assist in the creation of productive habits and set each user up for maximum success. We call our automated coach; Coach MAC (think Mobile Automated Coach).  Coach MAC gets busy consistently delivering: inspiring daily messages, reminders of the Top Most Important objectives and reaching out and engaging the users chosen Accountability Buddies and Mentors.

The types of engagement and the routines that Coach MAC undertakes are the product of years of research, user testing and metric evaluations. If a user follows the process, does the work and engages with their chosen accountability buddies or mentors, then implementation, execution and desired results will be achieved!

Step 1
View & Re-View

Process: Implementation & Execution

Step 1. View and Re-View – Process: Implementation & Execution

Users receive daily deliveries of unique, thought-provoking quotes. The quotes are intended to keep things fresh – but more importantly, each delivery includes is a live link that when clicked plays the users Movie. Viewing and re-viewing the movie, is in essence, reviewing your goals, plans, and objectives. The Movies offer a powerful and engaging way to begin each day.  Viewing multiple times per week and even per day are the recommended best practices.

Proven Results – Output

The person who sets goals and makes plans only to save them to a hard drive, or to toss them into a drawer is overwhelmingly the norm.  As the saying goes; “out of sight, out of mind.” And that is exactly why studies have produced the mind-boggling statistic that approximately 95% of people who seek out self-improvement ideas, teachings, tools and systems (most times paying significant dollars and investing large blocks of time) fail to implement those ideas.  You must know the odds and why they exist if you’re going to beat them.

Your Top Most Important objectives need to become top of mind, dominant thoughts or you’ll most likely become part of that statistic above.  Our system gives you the opportunity to do this every day, by simply clicking play. When you do this, it raises the minds awareness and elevates the importance of these objectives.  However, the mind is not easily convinced.  It knows you and it knows you may not have taken goals seriously and stopped short in the past.  To break through and get the full power of your mind working for you; you’ve got to make more than just an occasional effort.  The greater the repetition with which you feed it, and the higher the quality of information determines how your brain will accept and respond.  Quantity is achieved easily by doing this day in and day out.  Quality on the other hand is a little trickier to create.  Quality to the mind is represented in the form of your level of genuine belief.  It’s also about the number of different senses you can involve: think sight, sound, touch, feel, and emotions. That’s exactly why we transform your plan into a movie – a multi-sensory personal promotional commercial full of words, pictures and upbeat music.  It’s intended to stimulate your emotions and as many senses as possible.  It’s easy for users to tweak and adjusted pictures, words and music in their movie so that they create as much personal connection as possible.

We’ve seen a direct correlation in user metrics of movie views to successful implementation and objectives achieved.

Step 2
Buddies & Mentors

Process: Implementation & Execution

Step 2. Buddies & Mentors – Process: Implementation & Execution

The user and his/her chosen accountability buddy or Mentor are invited to connect by the system.  The request is for the establishment and execution of recurring (human based interaction) accountability meetings.  The simple, yet effective, accountability process is comprised of questions, answers, and discussion.

Proven Results – Output

This one thing is the single highest multiplier of success probability.  If you go it alone and skip accountability, human discussion, and interaction – studies predict a 90% failure probability. Let me say that again. If you go it alone 9 times out of 10 you will fail.   Conversely – your odds for success jump from 10% all the way to 80% by simply having this type of engagement consistently.  The framework for our recommended accountability discussions are based on 4 simple, yet amazingly effective, questions: 1. What action have you been taking?  2. What results have those actions generated?  3. What adjustments or course corrections could you make to generate better or more improved results?  4. What are the next actions needed to accelerate and/or continue your progress?  It’s imperative for users to immediately log into the system and in the Life Library, update each top objective with the associated improved or alter actions from this exchange.  This instantly updates the movie so that the next time it’s viewed it represents improved, intentional adjustments which lead to accelerated results.

Not surprisingly, our metric tracking confirms a very direct and high correlation between positive results and the consistency of execution of these accountability buddy meetings.

If your buddy is more Mentor than buddy you may benefit from even greater improvement as the one providing your discussion and engagement brings with him/her the firsthand experience and expertise which can shorten your learning curve and generate faster and more effective results.

Step 3
All Year Support

Process: Implementation & Execution

Step 3. All Year Support – Process – Ongoing Implementation

Each quarter the system presents the user with the opportunity to step back and take a fresh look at the current list of Top Most Important objectives and the plans around them.  The exercise of 1. Re-balancing top objectives for seasonal priorities, 2. Re-focusing for those who may have been pulled off track by one of life’s many challenges or 3. The chance to refresh and re-new slowing or unacceptable progress with an altered or updated approach.

Proven Results – Output

No single person is on all the time.  Each of us tends to stray or be knocked from the plan for any one of several common occurrences. Possibly due to better than expected results causing us to respond and react to meet increased demands.  Putting our heads down and doing the work is the appropriate response and is required sometimes.

Other times it might be that life has decided to throw you a curve ball.  Any number of real life possibilities can come out of nowhere.  Our objective is to help you get back on track as soon as possible.

Other times it may be that things have stagnated and what we’re doing just isn’t working. It might be time for a fresh perspective, major adjustment to plans or maybe you need to throw the baby out with the bathwater and start from scratch. Only you know for sure.  No matter where you’re at and what’s going on; each quarter presents the opportunity to make sure you’re getting everything you can from our system.