How many referrals do you need

How many referral partners do you need?

Everyone agrees referrals are the best source for business.

It works like this:

If a plumber came to your house and asked to fix your sink…you may or may not say “yes”.

If that same plumber came to your house…but this time…he was recommended by your neighbor of ten years, who’s given him the house keys…you’re almost guaranteed to say “yes”.

This is how trust works. If someone we trust gives us a recommendation, we listen.

Referral partners are like that neighbor.

They recommend the right people to you – the leads who are serious and ready to purchase a home. Those leads will trust you because they already have a relationship with the realtor.

But how many do you need to be successful?

Depends on your definition of “successful”.

Here’s some math:

We figure, each transaction for you is worth around $3k-$4k. The average realtor sends you around 3 or 4 referrals every year. That means each realtor referral partner is worth somewhere between $9k-$16k a year. Let’s be conservative and say $10k per year, per agent relationship.

Now it gets fun…

How much money do you want to make?

Simply divide it by a multiple of $10k and you’ve got the answer.

$200k? That’s 20 realtors.

$350k? That’s 35.

With ImpleMentor10x you can attract realtors like a moth to a light.

The only hard part is figuring out how many partners you want. See How to start doing it here: