How to use your office as a “referral recruiter”

No one has the time.

Building relationships with referral partners simply “takes too long”. Who’s going to answer the phones? What if there’s a deal on the other line?

I get it.

It doesn’t make sense to build relationships with people who tend to be extremely flakey. You spend your valuable time talking to those who are mildly interested in sending you business.

It’s not like you’re the only L.O. these realtors know. They have friends too. Meaning you have to pull them away from people they already trust to get business.

It’s a difficult proposition.


You can completely change the way you think about referral partners by making one small switch.

Here it is:

Turn your office into a recruitment center.

Recruit the best realtors to work with you. That way, you don’t have to chase all the leads.

“Gosh Les, how the hell would I organize something like that?”

It sounds daunting.

But it’s the exact opposite.

Michael Mann, one of our power users said it best.

“This stuff is so easy, it’s like plug and play…

Actually…you know what?

It’s even easier than that. It’s really just one button and push play.”

The Implementor10x workshop is the secret.

It’s simple…easy to use…and made for non-techy’s (like me).

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