Impressions that matter

Talk to any marketer and they’ll preach “impressions”.

Impressions are the number of times someone sees your advertising.

In sales, we need several impressions (7+) before people start to know, like and trust us.

The types of impressions matter too.

For example, you wouldn’t want your kid’s school teacher to act like an idiot. Bad impression for the kid. Bad impression for the parent.

Which means…

We need to provide good impressions…while also providing enough impressions to know, like and trust us.

Here’s something pretty cool:

When you use ImpleMentor10x with your realtor referral partner, you get on average 20 impressions a month.

(5 business days * 4 weeks = 20 impressions)

Your smiling face, phone, and email show up each and every day right in the palm of your agent’s hand…

on their cell phone…

laptop or tablet – in text or email format

…as their goals and action plans accompanied by their Virtual Dream Board are delivered by the ImpleMentor10X Mobile Automated Coach

All done automatically for you!

Think about it.

What’s being delivered are their goals – what they DESIRE MOST. And YOU get to show up right there with them. Every single day.

As time passes and your referral partner starts producing more…other realtors in the office catch on.

“How is Jane on such a hot streak?”

They then peek over at Jane’s screen.

“What’s that with the video you have playing?”

“Oh…that? That’s my Mobile Automated Coach that Les the Lender gave me. It’s helped me lose 11 pounds and… I’m having my best month yet – I’m gonna close 3 deals this month!”

Can you imagine the power of this working on YOUR behalf?

It’s happening every day for our clients.

Is it your turn? Visit to see a quick video and learn how we do it.