Kanye West was acting up the other day

Recently, he was touring around Detroit’s College for Creative Studies.

He heard a few students ranting about the recent Elon Musk situation.

Without warning, Kanye steps on a students desk and yells:

“Leave that man the f*** alone”

He has a strong allegiance to someone who’s extremely capable.

And he’s right.

Elon should be left alone. He should not be spending time with people who are not trying to help him advance his mission.

Loan officers face a similar issue when dealing with managing brokers.

The Vegas seminars preach get a hold of the Realtor who does 100 transactions a year.

“Don’t ever stop calling!”

The issue is…

…how do you even get the attention of a guy like that?

He’s got plenty of gatekeepers who’re well trained to help him avoid you.

Now, listen up. We can help you skip that brain damage…

Meeting with people responsible for lots of transactions and referrals isn’t as hard as it sounds.

That’s IF you have the right tool.

You need the right carrot to dangle in front of him…

If you’re not sure what that carrot is supposed to look like, contact us.