Keeping you afloat during tough times

A turkey farmer was attacked by the “vegan mafia”.

He received death threats for selling free-range turkeys.

What happened next surprised everyone.

After their lack luster one sale a day…the farmer blew up to 25 bird sales a day!


The people who related to the farmers saw that they had done nothing wrong…

…and decided they wanted to help turn the business around by showing their support.

It’s the perk of having allies who know, like and trust you.

When the environment flips into chaos, you can rely on those around you.

That’s the power of long-term relationships.

And that’s why we focus on them.

Even when you’re being attacked by the lead-aggregators and the “price-droppers”, your referral partners will show.

In fact, this is the time where the guys you trust “stick together”.

It’s what keeps you afloat during tough times.

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