Paddle your own pumpkin?

I read a strange article yesterday on my morning walk.

Germany has their own pumpkin paddle races.

Every year they hollow out these giant pumpkins and the brave souls will dump themselves into a river.

Grown especially for the race, these pumpkins can be as large as 550 pounds.

Once inside, the racer grabs a paddle from his buddy who’s holding the camera ready to capture the moment he sinks. Good banter for the family holiday.

And off they go…

As soon as they jump in the pumpkin, it sinks.

The water slowly rises…

First past their knees…

Then, to their waist…

Until finally, they’re neck deep.

Fans watching swear they all are going to sink.

Perhaps you’ve felt this way as well.

The fed keeps raising the rates….like a current that you can’t control.

You’re bopping up and down barely keeping above water.

The fed doesn’t care about you either. They’ll keep raising if it fits their agenda.

If your business is the pumpkin. You need a paddle.

You need a way to stay afloat.

Otherwise, you risk your business sinking.

You’ll have no control over how to steer and send it to the right direction.

You don’t have to risk anything though.

If you want a paddle for your business, that will steer you safe no matter what problems arrive….

…you’re one short video away.

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