Some people just don’t know when to stop the madness…

I read an article on the most prolific streaker in sports.

A whopping 560 events where parents had to shield their kids from an unwanted surprise.

I get that there’s a thrill. Thousands of people are yelling while you escape the cops.

And though this guy had a nack for getting people’s attention through crude means…

…it’s certainly not the best kind.

Just like how LO’s will try do anything to get the attention of realtors.

Trying to push our co-branded apps, flyers, or anything that can spring a conversation…

And then we wonder why our prospects aren’t working with us.

The truth is co-branded apps don’t work to build your business. Neither do most networking events or conferences. They don’t separate you from all the other mediocre loan officers.

One thing that is working is the super-easy one-button workshop that IM10X users rely on month after month to generate warm referrals in bunches!!

Rather than using chaotic means to grab attention, everything is systematized. Each element of our system has been tested and iterated so that you can eliminate hours of prospecting every week.

The time you spend prospecting is replaced with leads coming to you!

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