The 6 Hour Rule

I got a reply last week saying the IM10x program will look like it will take 6 hours…

My response: Sure it can take 6 hours…

…but what do those 6 hours give you?

Let’s say you follow our system. You learn the steps in an afternoon and you’ve scheduled your first workshop.

Here’s what that typically looks like:

Each workshop is 3 hours by the time you serve water and then kick everyone out at the end.

We’ve found most workshops have over 30 agents. But let’s lowball it.

Let’s say the first workshop lets you meet 20 agents. You follow up with the same firm and you get another 20 agents for another workshop.

Total hours spent: (3hour workshop x 2) = 6 hrs.

Total Agents: 40

Now let’s say half of them drop because they lost interest.

Then another half drop because they couldn’t stay steady with you on their goal setting…

40 agents cut in half = 20 agents, then cut in half again = 10 agents.

That leaves 10 referral partners each worth on average $9k-$12k to your bottom line.

Meaning the least amount you could make would be ($9k*10 agents) $90,000 in revenue in 2 workshops…

$90,000/ 6hrs = $15,000/hr.

Not. Too. Shabby.

Here’s the easy way to turn your next 6 hours into a cash windfall.