The little-known “bus driver” method to scale

What does a Dallas school bus driver have to do with your mortgage business?

Quite a bit.

It has to do with a little-used principle.

You see this bus driver was not like most bus drivers before him.

He knew his job was more than transporting kids from point A to point B.

The elementary school kids had a special place in his heart.

Each morning they would wave high as they hopped on his yellow bus.

So last Christmas what did Mr. Bus Driver do?

He bought all 70 of his kids the EXACT present they had asked for.

He gave the children what they both wanted and needed.

Here’s a pic below:

Now if you notice…

On that picture you can see there are more people who shared that story than people who “liked”. That’s extremely rare in the online world.

Here’s the lesson:

Share your care, gifts & strengths with those you work with…

…and in return your stories of helping will spread. Good news is contagious. It’s the lifeblood behind your reputation as a business owner.

When our IM10x users get to meet up every month with their referral partners, they give them what the partners both want and need.

It’s easy because our clients ask the referral partners their goals…

…the partners give them the goals…

And then we follow up using a systematized approach.

In return, loan officers receive leads at scale…month after month…all while being thanked for their “expert advice”

So if you want to be known as a “giver”…who then receives leads for his efforts…

You’re only one button away.