The quest for the best referral partners…

In our quest to find new referral partners…

We’ve managed to find a desire that is universally held by agents and loan officers…one that’s both wanted and needed…

What’s this “gold” that managing brokers both want and need?

A plan for the future.

In a word: HOPE.

Hope allows people to approach problems with a mindset and strategy-set suitable to success, thereby increasing the chances they will actually accomplish their goals.

So if you step in the managing brokers shoes…you’d see how hope+goal setting is a valuable tool. That’s what IM10x provides for these guys.

So can you imagine when you go up to said managing broker and show him a way for his agents to hit their goals so that he can hit his?

And can you imagine the guy’s face when you tell him it’s free?

Think he’ll be excited to send you his producers?

That’s the genius behind the system.

We give what the managing brokers need. Something they almost can’t survive without. For free.

Then leveraging the law of reciprocity, the managing broker sends you the realtors who are serious about growing their business.

What happens next?

Some of the realtors will stay. (Let’s say half). Some will go.

The ones who stay with you know will be the ones who are doers. They make deals happen.

Then a few more will leave just because people tend to fall through the cracks…

…but so what?

You now have 10 more referral partners in just weeks. Something that takes the average loan officer YEARS.

And you know these agents are A-players because the tire-kickers all dropped out. These guys move the needle. Cool right?

So in summary, you’re getting referral partners at will. These referral partners are the best “doers” in the market.

The managing broker likes you a lot because you’re helping his agents produce. Which means you’re helping his bottom line. And you’re doing this free of charge. So he can’t live without you once you’re “in”.

If there ever was a time to get started, it’s now.