Weird Lessons From Mutant Hammerhead Sharks

They were shocked.

This place was dubbed “unliveable” for decades.

Marine experts discovered hammerheads and rays lurking in the acidic depths of the South Pacific.

The sharks and rays are living in a place where they could ‘die at any moment,’ so how do they survive?



These Sharks have done the “impossible”. Where regular fish are sent to die, these carnivores are swimming happily like its a summer vacation.

The sharks were able to survive this crazy environment that wiped out everything in its path.

Which goes to show despite how much power you have, you can’t eliminate everyone.

Just like our loan officers. Who live well despite the onslaught from the tech giants. Implementor10x users are surviving and thriving – just like our mutant sharks.

Now we may not have razor sharp teeth that regrow instantaneously…

…but we do have a bite that makes the rest of our area fear us.

And they fear us for good reason.

What else can grow a mortgage branch fast without third-party leads, co-branded apps, me-too flyers, coffee dates, networking events or running the treadmill of glorified telemarketer buying leads?

Maybe you have a solution that works better than ours.

And if it does, great! Happy for you.

But if you don’t have a system like this that grows your business with long-term relationships…

…can you survive the acidic depths of our current market situation?

Make 2019 your best year in business